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Acwerk Health Care 2008
"Screening of School Children in early Leprosy -

Rural Kadayampatty Block, Omalur Taluk, Salem District
Tamil Nadu - INDIA

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Initiative


On selection of a village, the Chief Educational Officer provides a sanction to screen children within the school.Head of school and staff are informed two days prior to the event. Pamphlets are given to school staff, parents and heads of village.
Acwerk team; A doctor, a health supervisor, a lab technician, a village nurse, a project co-ordinator, three village health workers and a driver are involved in case finding.
List of children from class one to five is provided by the head of school. Children are registered by village nurse and a health worker, screened by the doctor and lab technician, medicines issued by a health worker, follow-up advice and education by project co-ordinator and finally a report of the proceedings is made by the health supervisor adding a copy to the school principal. At the end of the year a detailed report is given to the Chief Educational Officer. The screening duration is five hours, from 10 am to 3 pm.
Umagoundampatty Screening

Bharathipuram Screening
Nainakadu Screening

Sundagapatty Screening

Rakkipatty Screening

Andikottai Screening

Gundur Screening

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